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Volunteer policy

Volunteer policy

Wilhelmus is a football club with more than 1200 members, of which volunteers serve as the beating heart. Therefore, the club’s approach to membership is:

  • You MAY be a member of Wilhelmus
  • You then have the RIGHT to play in matches
  • You have a DUTY to contribute to the association of Wilhelmus

Please fill in the registration form below and indicate in what way you want to contribute to the success of our club!

After specifying your preferences, you will be called upon to deliver your contribution. If you are contacted and / or you have pledged your contribution, please follow through to support your club, the committees and the other members!

Although the club’s preference would be to benefit from your volunteer efforts each year, you may instead pay a contribution of €50 in lieu of volunteering.

There is obviously a lot to do and many skills amongst our membership; we hope that everyone offers to do what he / she is good at and obviously enjoys contributing. With this in mind, you can make your contribution on the following five areas:


Want to be directly involved in football and leader of a team? Or else trainer, coach, coordinator, scout or referee? 


Do you have an affinity for hospitality? Then we are looking for you! We need volunteers who would like to operate the clubhouse bar and kitchen. That would include cooking, food and drinks service, as well as keeping the eating area clean for turnover and new guests. 


There is still a lot of organisation and communication to develop. This would include website content and maintenance, Sportlink, administration, committee room occupancy, sales / sponsorship, grants and volunteers’ registrations. 


We are not only looking for the best goalkeepers, but also for members with knowledge and interest in painting work, renovation, plastering, carpentry, demolition, building, mechanical systems, maintenance, and so on. 


Organizing fundraising and other (commercial) activities for all members of Wilhelmus, including tournaments, camps, and social events. This important element should not be overlooked.

Rules for the contribution of members to Wilhelmus:

  1. Each playing member makes a voluntary contribution to the club each year. For youth members up to 15 years, their parents must fulfill this contribution. Members 16 and 17 years old may fulfill the contribution, though bar services are excluded.
  2. All members are annually offered the opportunity to indicate before October 1st in which area they want to contribute.
  3. For families with more than one youth member, the volunteer fee will be a maximum of €75.
  4. You will be called for volunteer tasks. Of course, the club will aim to divide tasks fairly in both the amount of work and the number of times you will be called.
  5. If you are summoned and / or you have pledged your contribution, please support your club, the committees, the other members and the other volunteers with your efforts!

 As of November 21, voluntary contributions for new members can be registered using the subscription form.


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